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Quality Services is proud to provide fast and accurate Durham well pump repairs and replacement. Our expertly trained technicians can handle any number of issues you’re facing with your well pump. Whether you hear strange noises from the well pump or water supply to your home has abruptly cut off, our team is fast and effective. The well pump is the heart of what supplies water to your home, so our team is committed to finding a quick solution and returning your home back to normal.

What is a Well Pump?

The well pump is designed to bring water from the base of the well to the surface so it can be used in your home. The home’s water supply could be interrupted or even cut off if the well pump malfunctions or breaks. Low water pressure or dirty water are often the first signs that the pump is experiencing issues, but there are other signs that indicate your Durham well pump needs repair.

Symptoms of problems with your well pump include:

  • No water supply
  • Air spitting from faucet
  • Dirty water supply
  • High electricity bill

If you’re in need of Durham well pump inspection or maintenance, Quality Services is a fast, reliable team that will carefully inspect the issue. We’ll answer your concerns and questions and ensure you’re prepared to make an educated choice when it comes to the repair that best fits your needs.

Durham Well Pump Repairs and Maintenance

No matter the age or condition of your well pump, you can depend on our professional technicians to capably handle the necessary repair. One of the best ways to ensure your home is never without a clean water supply is to schedule a routine well pump inspection.

The plumbers with Quality Services will ensure that your well pump is running properly and that each piece is in good working order. By scheduling an annual inspection, you’ll prevent any downtime without water in your home.

Don’t trust the repair and maintenance to your well pump to just anyone. These complex pieces of equipment should be handled by trained professionals. Attempting a Durham well pump repair on your own can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

Whether you’ve lived in your home for decades and recognize it’s time for well pump replacement or you’re in the market for a new home and want a well inspection completed so you’re aware of any lingering issues, our experts can complete the job.

Rely on Our Quality Services for Your Well Pump Repair

Quality Services aims to provide affordable residential plumbing services that don’t compromise on quality. We will never recommend a repair or replacement service that isn’t in your home’s best interest. Plumbing and the efficiency of your well pump probably isn’t top-of-mind at all times, but it’s our job. We’ll take the worry out of home maintenance when it comes to your well pump and beyond. contact the trustworthy team at Quality Services to inspect, repair and maintain your Durham well pump well into the future. Our friendly staff is ready to schedule your appointment.


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Aaron is absolutely PHENOMENAL! He has been to our house three times in the past year (the joy of having an old house). He has always been quick to respond to me or my husband, his prices are reasonable, and he has been great at explaining things several times to me who knows nothing about plumbing. Seriously he’s the best!


Jessica Harris

Aaron is fantastic. Great service great advice and very helpful and fair. I will definitely call them again for any plumbing issues. Did not hesitate to answer any questions honestly. Very personable and friendly.


Chris Morris

Aaron hooked up our kitchen sink and dishwasher after some mishaps by contractors during our renovation. He was extremely meticulous and spent a great deal of effort to make everything as tidy as possible, as well as double checking all aspects. I would highly recommend Quality Service Today for your plumbing needs!


Jonny Boyun

Aaron did a wonderful job, he knew what our problem with our pipes where and fix it less than an hour! and I would recommend him if you need someone work on your house repairs.. Thank you Aaron!!


Tracy Ann

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