Septic System Inspections

Septic System Inspections in Mebane, NC

Regular septic system inspections are vital for your system’s health, home, and family. However, because the septic system is underground, it can easily be forgotten about until the system begins to fail. At Quality Service Today, we offer our customers a full range of septic services and solutions that help ensure your system gets back to working as quickly as you need it to. We offer fast and friendly repairs that provide homeowners with long-term solutions. We are pleased to serve Durham and Mebane, NC, and many surrounding areas in central North Carolina.

When To Get Inspected And What To Expect

A septic system should be inspected every three years. Inspections are also required of homeowners before the sale of a home, and it is never a bad idea to schedule an inspection before buying a home either. Septic system inspections are also necessary when possible warning signs of a system failure begin to show up. These warning signs can include strange or foul odors from your home’s drains, a weak toilet flush, slow-draining sinks, and the sudden appearance of lush vegetation or wet spots around or over the surface where your drain field is located. 

During the inspection, you can expect the tank to be located and the covers to be removed. The inlet to ensure that there is good water flow direction, the outlet baffle, which keeps solids from going into the drain field, and the partial wall will all be inspected. The operational level of sewage will also be tested. The operational level of sewage will also be inspected in order to determine if the system has a leak (when levels are below normal) or a clog (when levels are higher than normal.) If required, the chamber of the pump will also be located. Test holes may also be dug in order to assess the below-grade effluent sewage level and to inspect the condition of the trenches. 

Common Questions About Septic Tank Inspections

Here are a few commonly asked questions that people often ask about septic tank inspections. 

Who Should Perform A Septic System Inspection?

When scheduling a septic system inspection, you want to hire a professional who will do more than simply perform a visual inspection. You want an inspector who is not only willing to perform their duty to its fullest but is also highly trained in what to look for. A trained inspector will look for cracks in your septic tank which could be indicated by low levels of liquid being present. They will use a device referred to as a “sludge judge” to measure the amounts of slides in the tank, and will also inspect and determine if there is any ground contamination. 

How Often Should You Have A Septic System Inspection?

It is recommended that you have your septic system inspected every three years. Unfortunately, many homeowners miss the three year mark and forget to have their system inspected until very real and costly problems begin to occur. By committing to this three year period, you will be actively aware of the overall health and life of your system, which can be highly beneficial for planning upcoming repairs or even replacements.

It is also recommended that you have your septic system pumped every three years. Perhaps having your system pumped and inspected at once will help keep you from forgetting to complete one or the other.

How Long Can A Septic Tank Inspection Take?

Each system and tank is different and will offer different levels of complexity when performing the inspection, which is why completion times vary. Another contributing factor to the amount of time that an inspection may require includes what the inspector may find. Typically, inspections can run from around an hour to possibly even three or four. 

How Much Does A Septic System Inspection Cost?

Costs can vary depending on the job’s details, including the tank’s size and what equipment and methods must be used during the inspection. Call us today for a quote for an honest and upfront cost on your next inspection. We provide custom solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget. No gimmicks, no surprises, just reliable fixes, and quality prices. 

Contact Us For Your Next Septic System Inspection

Our Mebane plumbing team can help you with all things septic, including installations, repairs, and inspections. Our team will listen to your concerns and provide an honest estimate and feedback that can help you decide what is best for your system and home. When you want exceptional and professional service that provides long-term solutions and peace of mind, you want Quality Service Today. Contact us now, and let us get you scheduled for your next septic system inspection.

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