Sewer Replacement

Sewer Line Replacement in Mebane, NC

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Damaged or leaking sewer lines can result in persistent drain clogs and overflowing toilets. Don’t let any further problems develop—contact our Mebane plumbers at Quality Service Today for immediate sewer line inspection and replacement in Mebane, NC. We, your qualified Mebane plumbing pros – will get to the bottom of your sewer line problem and help your plumbing system return to normal as quickly as possible.

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When is Sewer Line Replacement Recommended?

Are you experiencing recurring problems with your drains or toilets? The problem may stem from a larger issue within your sewer line.

Sewer line replacement is typically recommended if the following problems are present:

Extreme decay—Older homes and buildings will often have original sewer pipes still in place. If we find that your sewer lines have deteriorated beyond repair, we will recommend a full lateral replacement. Our Mebane plumbing team can provide you with newer plastic sewer pipes (or other high-quality materials) to replace old cast-iron, clay, or Orangeburg pipes.

Tree root damage—If tree roots have broken into your sewer line, the structural integrity of the pipeline may be compromised and sewer line replacement will need to be performed to prevent the pipes from eventually collapsing.

Severe corrosion—In some cases, corroded sewer pipes can be flushed clean using hydro jetting technology. But if the corrosion is severe, sewer line replacement may be the best option. Pipe corrosion will often occur in homes with untreated hard water, or in pipes that were poorly installed.

What to Expect from Our Sewer Replacement Services

We understand that sewer line replacement is a major undertaking and can create a significant amount of disturbance and mess. Our Mebane plumbing team will take the time to discuss the process with you before the work begins. Feel free to ask us any questions or bring up any concerns you may have. We want to make sure you know exactly what to expect from this service so you can make the best choice for your home.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Before we begin work on your sewer line, we will first need to determine what’s causing the problem. A sewer camera inspection is a noninvasive way to examine the inside of your sewer pipes so we can accurately identify the main source of the problem. We will look for leaks, cracks, blockages, or other damage and present you with the right solution.

The Replacement Process

If the camera inspection confirms that pipe decay is affecting the entirety of your sewer line, we will discuss the replacement process with you. Sewer line replacement will require the full removal of your old sewer lateral and the installation of new piping.

Traditional sewer replacement will begin with creating trenches along the length of your sewer line, allowing our Mebane plumbers to access the pipes directly. This method will cause a disturbance to parts of your front yard, but our excavation team will make sure that the job is completed as efficiently as possible. After sewer replacement is complete, we will refill the trench, perform a final inspection, and make sure your new sewer line is ready for use.

Restore your plumbing system to normal with professional sewer line replacement. Contact us, your Mebane plumbers, today at 919-234-5787 for immediate service in Mebane, NC.