Water Filtration System

Whole-House Water Filter Installation in Mebane, NC

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Many homes in Mebane and the surrounding area are affected by poor water quality. Common contaminants include sediment, chlorine, nitrates/nitrites, bacteria, and abrasive minerals. Using untreated water can become an inconvenience over time. If you are worried about the long-term effects of poor water quality on your home and your health, Mebane water treatment specialists can help you install a whole-house water filtration system.

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Which Type of Water Filter is Best for Your Home?

Mebane plumbers can help you install any type of water treatment system. Whether you need to eliminate hard water or are worried about chlorine or sediment, our experts will make sure you receive the right type of filtration system to meet your specific needs.

Based on results from a water analysis, we can help you install the following filtration systems:

  • Water softeners
  • Water conditioners
  • Dual-function filters
  • Reverse osmosis filters
  • Electronic descalers

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Whole-House Filtration vs. Point-of-Use Filters

If you currently have a point-of-use filter installed on your kitchen sink, you may be wondering if you should still consider setting up a whole-house filtration system.

Although point-of-use filters are great when you need clean drinking water, they provide limited coverage. If you need to improve the water quality throughout your home, a whole-house filtration system will provide you with better results.

Whole-house water filters are connected to your main water line by your qualified Mebane water filtration specialists. The water that is supplied throughout your home will go through the filter first before being directed to your faucets, water appliances, and toilets. This allows you to enjoy clean water in every part of your home without any hassle.

An additional advantage to whole-house water filtration is that it can help extend the life of your plumbing pipes and appliances. Untreated water, particularly hard water, can cause scaling in your water lines, which can then lead to low water pressure and clogging in your drains.

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Enjoy great-tasting water and less plumbing issues with a new whole-house water filter. You won’t have to worry about chemicals or minerals harming your pipes and water appliances. You will also find it easier to go through your daily routine.

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