Sewer Repair

Sewer Line Repair in Mebane, NC

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Unexpected sewer problems can eventually lead to major water damage if the issue isn’t resolved in time. This is why it’s crucial to contact your Mebane plumber for help as soon as you notice recurring problems with your drains or toilet.

Quality Service Today provides sewer line inspections and quality repairs for homeowners in Mebane, NC and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to get your sewer problem under control as soon as possible!

Signs You Have a Leaking or Damaged Sewer Line

Leaking or damaged sewer lines can cause unsanitary conditions in your home or around your property. Contact us for immediate service if you notice the following warning signs of sewer line trouble:

  • You have been experiencing recurring clogs or slow drains
  • Water levels in your toilet have been inconsistent
  • Your toilet is overflowing
  • Wastewater is backing out of your drains
  • A portion of your yard looks unusually lush and green

Get to the Source of the Problem With a Sewer Camera Inspection

The most effective way to identify sewer line problems is to perform a sewer camera inspection. Your Mebane service technician will trace a flexible cable through the sewer line; the cable is fitted with a small high-definition camera that can clearly capture what’s inside the pipes.

Once our Mebane plumber understand what’s causing your sewer line issue, we will discuss the findings of the camera inspection with you and go over your options for sewer repair or replacement. Sewer line replacement is typically recommended if you have older pipes that are decayed throughout. But if the problem is only affecting an isolated section of piping, we can simply replace that portion and keep disturbance to your property to a minimum.

What to Expect from Our Sewer Line Repair Services

Our team of Mebane plumbers is here to make sure the repair is completed as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruptions.

With sewer line repair, we will be replacing a section of the main line rather than the entire lateral. This means the work will be limited to one area, reducing the amount of disturbance to your property. Sewer line repair is often recommended if the pipes are still in good shape and the leak or damage is only affecting a small area of the sewer line.

During our Mebane plumbers quality repairs, we will create a trench around the affected area of the sewer line and replace the damaged section with new, high-quality piping. Once the new pipe has been carefully installed, we will refill the trench and conduct a final inspection to make sure the job was completed accurately.

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Sewer line issues can result in more serious plumbing disasters. Don’t wait for this to happen! Contact our Mebane plumbers for immediate sewer line inspection and quality repairs.

At Quality Service Today, our Mebane plumbing experts are committed to helping homeowners throughout Mebane find the most cost-effective solutions to their toughest plumbing problems—including blocked, leaking, or damaged sewer lines. Reach out to our Mebane plumbing experts today to begin discussing your needs and get your sewer problem resolved as quickly as possible.

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