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Common Plumbing Problem Services

Quality Services is the trusted team of professional Durham plumbers that can handle your most common plumbing problems. Whether you’re battling a clogged toilet or need water heater replacement, our technicians offer reliable, quality services designed to meet your specific needs. Our team understands there’s never a convenient time for plumbing challenges, so whether you’re running a small business or maintaining your family home, our services are designed to restore your plumbing quickly. We’re not only focused on ensuring the problem is resolved efficiently, but we also offer solutions that help you avoid recurring plumbing problems.

Durham Plumbing Issues


Our experienced technicians can repair your damaged water heater, leak, or clog with transparent pricing and professional services. With Quality Services on your side, common plumbing issues can be quickly remedied. From pipes to well pumps, the most common Durham plumbing issues are:

  • Clogged drain: Quality Services will professionally eliminate any clog or blockage within your drains by first performing a thorough sewer camera inspection. Once the problem is located, our technicians will offer clog cleaning solutions that are environmentally-friendly and remove the blockage completely to prevent recurring issues.
  • Clogged toilet: A blocked sewer line may be the cause of your clogged toilet. Avoid a messy and hazardous situation in your home or business by calling Quality Services to quickly assess and treat the problem.
  • Low water pressure: A common plumbing problem among Durham residents is low water pressure. A problem or potential leak with your well pump could be the culprit behind a dip in water pressure. By utilizing a sewer camera inspection, our team can locate the leak or other issues that may be creating the pressure challenge.
  • Well pump maintenance: If dirty water is running through your home’s faucets or your water doesn’t work at all, your well pump needs to be serviced. Quality Services offers quality, same-day well pump maintenance to help avoid prolonged downtime for your family.
  • Water heater repair: Whether your tankless system needs descaling, or your traditional tank is filled with sediment, our skilled technicians can repair and maintain your unit.

Is A Professional Durham Plumber Needed?

A professional plumber isn’t always needed when a plumbing issue occurs. However, major issues can quickly turn into emergency plumbing situations if not handled properly. If you experience any of the challenges below, it’s time to call the Quality Services team:

  • The toilet gurgles when water runs from the sink. If multiple pieces of your plumbing are malfunctioning simultaneously, you may have a clog in the main sewer line.
  • Water is slow to release from one or multiple drains. Objects and debris will clog the pipe, forcing the odorous gases up through your drains. If you’ve attempted home cleaning products in your drains but the sewer gas smells remain, a blockage is likely.
  • Water is a brown or red color. As pipes age, they rust and erode. If your water appears brown or red in color, it’s likely your pipes are rusty or your well pump is malfunctioning.

Let Us Solve Your Durham Plumbing Problems Today

Our technicians offer a variety of services to help maintain your home or business plumbing. When your Durham pipes, well pump or water heater begins to cause problems, contact our friendly team to schedule your appointment. The Quality Services team will tackle your constant clogs or unexpected plumbing emergency.


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