Water Line Repair

Water Softener Installation in Mebane, NC

Water is essential for cooking, cleaning, bathing and more within all homes and businesses. At Get Quality Service, we understand how important clean, running water is to your life. Broken water lines can be frustrating and impact water supply that impacts these daily routines

Signs Your Water Lines are Damaged

Water lines can become damaged by tree roots, water pressure, time, mineral deposits, and more. Regular inspections by a qualified Mebane plumber can prevent major plumbing emergencies, as cracked or leaking water lines can lead to serious complications and damage to your Mebane or Durham, NC property. However, if you notice signs of a broken water line, it is important to reach out to a Quality Service professional Mebane plumber right away.

Signs of a broken water line include:

  • Wet spots or pooling water outdoors: If your water line has a leak, water no longer is contained in the pipe and will seep into nearby soil. Wet spots can be damaging to your landscape or hardscape, in addition to increasing your utility bill. Call Mebane plumbers at first sign
  • Low water pressure: As water is leaking into the soil, there will be less supply available for use in your home, resulting in low water pressure. This can be frustrating and disruptive to your routine.
  • Funky odor or discoloration in your running water: Compromised pipes can allow unknown substances or chemicals enter your water supply. Old pipes can leave water tasting or smelling rusty. Odor or discoloration in water is a health risk, so it is very important to address this issue right away by hiring a Mebane plumber.

If you notice any of these signs of a broken water line, don’t wait. Give your local Mebane or Durham, NC Quality Service technicians a call today. We are here to provide you with honest, dependable service.

Repairing Your Damaged Mebane Water Lines

Before working on your water line repair, Mebane plumbers start with a thorough inspection of your water pipes. We will insert a waterproof video camera into your water line and view your system in real time. This is a crucial step for our Quality Service technician to accurately and promptly identify the cause and site of a water line leak or break.

A Quality Service, Mebane plumber can address your water line repair job right away with no downtime using trenchless repair methods. Underutilized in the Mebane or Durham area, trenchless repairs are done by feeding a new pipe through a single access point. This new pipe will seal any leaks and cracks will stop water from escaping the pipe and rust from old pipes will not be entering your water supply.

After completing repairs, water pressure and quality in your home or business will increase. Another advantage of trenchless repairs is no restorative work is needed after your repairs are completed.

Contact Your Local Water Line Repair Experts Today

At Quality Service, Mebane plumbers are here to get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Your time and money are important to us, so we always arrive on time and have transparent, competitive pricing. Schedule with Quality Service today to repair or service your Mebane water line. Call us at (919) 234-5787. We look forward to working with you.