Garbage disposal installation

Garbage Disposal Installation in Mebane, NC

Planning to upgrade to a more efficient garbage disposal? Call the trusted Mebane plumbers at (919) 276-5371 now for quality garbage disposal installation and replacement in Mebane, NC.

Having trouble getting your garbage disposal to work properly? Thinking of getting a new device? Let our Mebane plumbing experts at Quality Service Today help you in selecting and installing your new garbage disposal. We handle residential garbage disposal installations throughout Mebane and surrounding areas.

Need Help Installing Your New Garbage Disposal?

Limit the amount of food waste that goes in your trash. Get your garbage disposal installed or replaced safely with help from our Mebane plumbing specialists at Quality Service Today.

If you currently don’t have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you will first need to make sure your electrical and plumbing systems are prepared for the addition of a garbage disposal. If your property features a septic system, you will also need to make sure that your new garbage disposal is septic safe.

We can also help you improve your efficiency in the kitchen by providing additional garbage disposal upgrades, including dishwasher drain connections, baffles, and push-button kits. Contact us to discuss your needs and our Mebane plumbers will help you select a device that meets your budget and preferences.

Garbage Disposal Repair vs. Replacement

Wondering if your garbage disposal is good for a few more years, or if you should consider replacing it with a more efficient device? Common garbage disposal problems include jamming and leaking; these issues are often easy to resolve with a simple repair. Our expert Mebane plumbers will make every effort to provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

If your garbage disposal is over ten years old and past its warranty period, it might be more cost-efficient to have your device replaced. Give us a call today to schedule service with our Mebane plumbers and learn more about your options for garbage disposal repair or replacement.

Selecting the Right Type of Garbage Disposal

Our Mebane plumbing experts can help you choose the best garbage disposal for your home. We install all types and brands of garbage disposals. Whether you decide to go with a continuous feed or batch feed device, we will make sure your new garbage disposal is installed safely and accurately.

Continuous Feed

Continuous feed garbage disposals are the most common and widely available. Your current unit is most likely continuous feed. These devices are simple to use, easy on the budget, and convenient. They’re perfect for households that regularly produce a large amount of food waste.

Batch Feed

Are you looking for a garbage disposal that favors safety over convenience? A batch feed device might just be what you need. Batch feed garbage disposals only operate when the drain is covered. However, since the device runs in batches, it will take longer to dispose of food waste. This makes batch feed garbage disposals ideal for smaller households that don’t have a large amount of leftovers to throw out.

Contact us, your trusty Mebane plumbers, today at (919) 276-5371 to schedule garbage disposal installation or replacement in Mebane, NC.