How to Properly Clean Your Home’s Storm Drain

Maintaining a clean storm drain is vital for effective water flow and preventing property damage. But how do you properly clean your home’s storm drain? While there are some basic steps homeowners can take, it’s essential to remember that professional storm drain cleaning services should handle this task for optimal results.

Understanding Your Drainage System

Before we can discuss how to properly clean your home’s storm drain, it’s crucial to understand how your drainage system works. Your home’s storm drainage system is designed to manage excess water during heavy rains, redirecting it away from your property to prevent flooding. However, over time, clogged storm drains can become a problem as debris, tree roots, and other obstructions hinder water flow.

Basic Storm Drain Maintenance

When learning how to properly clean your home’s storm drain, it’s important to start at the very beginning with an inspection. Start by inspecting the area for visible obstructions. Remove debris like leaves, twigs, and trash that may have gathered on the grate. This simple step can help maintain the drain system and ensure that excess water can flow freely.

The Relationship Between Your Storm Drain and Catch Basin

Once you’ve removed the surface debris from your storm drain, don’t overlook the catch basin. Cleaning the catch basin is one of the most important steps to clean out storm drains. The catch basin is designed to collect sediment, debris, and other pollutants that could potentially clog up your storm drain. Over time, these materials accumulate and can block the exit pipe of the catch basin, leading to backups and potential flooding.


If you want to clean your catch basin, you can start by removing the grate using a crowbar or similar tool. Once open, use a shovel or scoop to remove the sludge and debris. Be sure to wear protective gloves and a mask during this process, as catch basins often contain harmful bacteria.

The Importance of Professional Services

While basic maintenance can help, it’s crucial to understand that a professional storm drain cleaning service is often necessary for a thorough job. Professionals follow all the necessary steps to clean out storm drains with expertise and safety in mind. They use high-pressure water jetting to remove stubborn clogs and ensure that your storm drainage system functions as it should.


Professionals also have the skills and equipment to handle more complex issues. For instance, tree roots can invade your sewer system, causing significant damage. A professional service can effectively deal with these types of problems.

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Remember, knowing how to properly clean your home’s storm drain is important, but leaving it to professionals ensures a thoroughly cleaned storm drain that functions at its best, protecting your home even during heavy rains.

Don’t wait until you have a clogged storm drain causing issues in your home. Regular storm drain maintenance can help prevent major problems down the line. Schedule a professional drain or sewer service in Durham with Quality Service Today today, and rest easy knowing that your home’s drainage systems are in good hands!