How Quality Service Restores Your Durham Pipes

Quality Service plumbers bring professional pipe restoration services to Durham residents. Old pipes are susceptible to leaks which can lead to pooling water in your home or yard, as well as increasing water bills and decreasing water pressure. Unfortunately, old pipes can also leave your water supply smelling rusty and discolored. If you are experiencing any of these in your home or business, give Quality Service a call today!

If you are unsure of when you last pipe inspection was, give us a call today. We will schedule a time to use our waterproof, high resolution camera to view your pipes in real-time. This helps us to quickly identify any leaks, clogs, or rust in your water or sewer pipes.

If we identify an issue with your Durham pipes, we have options to restore your pipes. We prioritize environmentally-friendly and long lasting repairs with limited intrusion into your daily routine. By identifying a single access point, Quality Service plumbers restore your pipes to prime condition from the outside with minimal damage, if any, to your landscape, hardscape, and property.

Depending on the water or sewer line repairs needed, there are two trenchless techniques Quality Service plumbers can use to restore your pipes.

Pipe bursting uses professional equipment to burst through existing pipes as new pipes are pulled into place.  Our professional team can quickly determine is the best method to restore your Durham pipes. Pipe bursting works for most types of pipes but can be challenging with sandy or rocky soil.

Pipe lining restores your pipes from the inside with a new pipe that will bond in place to existing structures. Pipe lining will work with most types of pipes and nearby soil does not impact this process.
For repairs you can trust from a licensed, insured, and bonded professionals, look no further than Quality Service to restore your pipes. Give us a call at 919-234-5787 or contact us online here. We look forward to working with you.