Tips for Keeping Your Pipes Clear During the Summer Months

From backyard barbecues to vacations in new places, we know that the summer months are filled with endless fun with the whole family. At Quality Service, we allow you to provide yourself with peace of mind and protect your pipes from clogs and blockages throughout the summer months, so the only thing you need to worry about is wearing sunblock at the beach.

Protecting Your Drain

As your family spends more time outside during the summer months, showers, sinks and laundry machines get used more frequently. To prevent outside dirt and grime from clogging your system, add strainers to drains that are heavily used. Additionally, be cautious about what you’re washing down the drain. If you’re working on a summer renovation, liquid plaster or wallboard compound seems innocent going down the drain but can harden and clog pipes. Sand from the beach should be hosed off before cleaning off inside, to prevent buildup sinks, tubs and laundry machines.

Sprinklers & Hoses

Between kids cooling off in the backyard to watering the grass, your sprinkler will see extra use in the summer. Prevent clogs by making sure hoses are clear of any grass or yard trimmings, and that there are no unusual bends of kinks in the hose itself. Kinks can cause water backups, preventing water from flowing out of the hose, and sends it back into the pipes where it can cause serious ruptures or bursts.

Garbage Disposals

As you enjoy the outdoor barbecues, the indoor plumbing can suffer from unwanted food and garbage going down the drain. To prevent excess material from clogging your garbage disposal, use a sink strainer during the party and remove it after. When you do run the disposal, run water at full volume to keep the drain lubricated and help clean out the drainpipe.

Let Our Team Keep Your Pipes Clear All Summer

While DIY Methods may be tempting as a cheap and easy fix, they can cause more extensive damage and bigger issues down the line. Protect your system and get your troublesome pipes cleaned out the first time, with a professional company like Quality Service. We’re always here to help and treat your home with the same respect we treat our own. Call today to learn more about the Quality Service team and see how we can best serve your Durhamn, North Carolina property.