4 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

The average person spends seven hours a week cleaning their home. Even with all that home maintenance, disinfecting and organizing, it’s easy to skip over one of the areas that need the most attention. Your home plumbing is often an afterthought until something doesn’t work properly, but scheduling professional drain cleaning will help the entire system work more efficiently.

Professional drain cleaning is a preventative plumbing maintenance step you should schedule at least once a year, but it’s important to leave this one to the professionals. With advanced equipment, a professional Durham plumber can see the inner workings of your pipes or tell when there are threats to your plumbing system. The Quality Services team will begin with a sewer camera inspection. A high-resolution camera is inserted into your plumbing so our expert technician can see the condition of your pipes.

There are many benefits to cleaning your drains on an annual basis, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Clears years of build-up: One of the most popular methods of drain cleaning is hydro jetting services. Through the power of extreme water pressure, Hydro jetting thoroughly cleans years of buildup and debris. Water is pushed from numerous jets to hit all sides of your pipes. Waste that has built up along the pipe walls for years is flushed away with a single cleaning.
  1. Spots problems early: Small cracks, clogs, or invasive tree roots all have the ability to greatly impact your system over time, but they don’t necessarily make themselves known until weeks or months later. It’s possible there are problems within your plumbing system that you don’t know about. The camera inspection that’s done prior to the cleaning reveals debris, buildup, and invasive tree roots that are threatening your pipe system. Once the cleaning is complete, a secondary camera inspection is performed to detect any other issues that couldn’t be seen because of buildup.
  1. Extends life of plumbing: By including professional drain cleaning in your yearly home maintenance checklist, you avoid major plumbing problems like sewer backups and unpleasant odors seeping from your drains. Plumbing systems are designed to last for 60 to 80 years, but without proper maintenance, the system will not last that long.
  1. Restores optimum flow rate: Once the cleaning is complete, the original flow rate of your pipes is restored. Waste can be removed from the home more quickly and drains release water with easy. The water and waste is no longer battling through thick buildup.

The highly skilled technicians at Quality Services are available to complete your professional drain cleaning project.